Peer 2 Peer vs. Direct Copy

Well I was testing which would be faster to copy 276MB file between computers today. Direct copying from one computer to another over my wireless network took about 5 minutes at about 1MBps download speed that change randomly when windows felt like doing so. Next I tested the Peer 2 Peer (p2p) copying it only took 4 minutes with one server hosting the torrent and one client downloading the torrent on my network. I got speeds up to 1.1MBps and speed would drop a little when I was using the network heavy, which is normal to see. I can decrease my download time by adding two to three more server hosting the same torrent file which would increase the places the torrent can download pieces from. So in the future more testing of this theory of p2p being faster than direct copying over a local network. Tell me what you think or if you have any ideas or thoughts on this. Love to hear from people.


Windows 7 - MSDN AA MD5 Hashes

Recently I have been having a problem with my Windows 7 ISOs and installations. Windows 7 will not install properly to my system. I have tried all of the "check your memory for corruption" as well as the "burn the ISO at a very slow rate" routines, but with no success. Typically I install Windows 7 from my thumb drive anyway because its probably 5x to 10x faster than by DVD. Also, I use the MSDN (Academic Alliance) images.

Just recently I checked the MD5 checksum of the image I was using to install Windows 7 and found that it did not match the MD5 checksum of the newly downloaded image direct from Microsoft's MSDN servers. Here are the MD5 checksums of the new images as well as the original image file names for reference.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

Windows 7 Ultimate Release Candidate 64-bit

Windows 7 Ultimate Release Candidate 32-bit

Windows 7 Beta 32-bit

I really hope that this information will help anyone with a Windows 7 installation error. This should probably only be used in the case of an MSDN image installation though because I have not checked the RTM/OEM or retail images to see if any are the same.