Day 3

Day three started off nicely because I got tons of sleep. I probably awakened around 0930-1030hrs. This day we specifically intended to visit the Old Faithful geyser. After all, who goes to Yellowstone National Park and doesn't see it? While we were there, my grandparents and cousins were watching us on the live geyser webcam [link]. It was really funny because we got to see other families standing in the same place waving at the camera and calling their loved ones, letting them know that they are live on the internet!

After watching Old Faithful erupt on its ever-so-predictable 90 minute schedule, we proceeded to visit all of the other geysers. The loop was long and well worth the walk.

Old Faithful erupting on July 21st 2010

The Chromatic Pool

Trees that are too close to a geyser

After leaving the geysers area, we got some ice cream and headed back to the campsite. Along the way, I took this photo. It is one of the most beautiful panoramas I have made yet.

Yellostone Lake at dusk

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