Day 9

Yesterday I posted that we were going to try to be in Milwaukee tomorrow night, but today we were making great timing and were on track to get there sometime this evening... that is, until our cab air conditioner completely shut off and the bearings in the alternator started to go bad. Mind you, this is a fix-or-repair-daily that we're driving... Anyway, right now we are stuck in Coralville, Iowa, which is near Iowa City. We did though find a silver lining to this, because there is a really awesome hotel here: the Best Western is medieval themed and has an amazing restaurant called the House of Lords in the basement. The whole feel of this place is really nice, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to stop in this area.

As for the schedule, we are probably 4-5 hours away from Milwaukee, and then another distance and time to the Jablonski's place.

Today wasn't completely un-fun. Alex got to play with my camera a bit...

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