CrashPlan Crashes

Recently I had a problem with CrashPlan where the Backup Engine would crash randomly. It seemed like this was just a problem with the OS (Windows 7 x64 SP1) because I had been messing with it a lot, but after a re-install, the same problems were happening. This got me thinking about the amount of data I was backing up and how much system memory was needed for that amount of data (around 1.5TBs). The current CrashPlan settings allocated 512MBs of memory, so I upped it to 1024MBs, and that did the trick. It was as easy as this:

1) Open Notepad as Administrator

2) Open this file
C:\Program Files\CrashPlan\CrashPlanService.ini

3) Edit the variable -Xmx512M
    A recommendable amount is 1024M.

4) If you can still access the CrashPlan Desktop UI, open it. Double click the logo in the top right. This will open a CrashPlan service terminal; type restart, press enter.

Your CrashPlan software should no longer crash due to memory problems. If it does, then change that value to something higher.

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